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About Us

Mission Statement

"To serve and provide mankind with knowledge, education, and resources, that enliven the self-sufficiency of natural health and wellbeing, for every family and individual who desire it."

Our Origin

Thymely Solutions, The Feel Good Store, is a natural remedy and gift store in Fairfield, Iowa, founded in August 1995 by Pamela Slowick. "One day, as I was meditating in 1994, I saw in my mind’s eye a new store on the square. I remember thinking “Far Out! Someone is going to open a Homeopathic Apothecary in Fairfield!”  And every day, twice a day, as I closed my eyes to meditate, there was the store.

Over the next twenty eight days, I saw the comfy couch where Mom could sit and research the remedies her family needed, and a play area for the little ones to stay happy while Mom was reading.

I saw which vendors would be represented and where their products would reside in the store. I saw the sign, though the name had not yet materialized. And most of all, I felt the feeling. The space was warm, welcoming, nourishing, beautiful and full of light. And all the while, I had no clue that I was the sculptor molding the clay into a masterpiece.

Twenty eight days later I suddenly had the awareness “Oh My Gosh! What if these thoughts are occurring in my brain only? What if no one else is having these thoughts? What if this is my baby?” The thought was terrifying. But over time, it became clear that this was, in fact, my baby, and that by providing this space, I would be serving the community best.

So, I created Thymely Solutions, a space that was so nurturing and gentle that when someone would enter, they would remember the wellbeing that lies within. We all have that wellbeing within us. It may be covered up by stress or camouflaged by a frenetic lifestyle, but we need only have an experience that makes us feel good to reconnect to it. And from that silent wellbeing, I felt confident that my clients would choose the correct remedies or supplements.

And even now, after 21 years, we still hear the comment every day, “Oh, it feels soooooo good in here!”

Next, I was committed to offering the purest, most effective products in the country. And so the research project began. I was looking for organic, non-genetically modified products without harmful fillers, binders and other additives. Why take something to feel better if it contains harmful ingredients?

So we did the long and laborious research to select the best, which meant that our customer didn’t have to do the same.

Please take a moment to have a look around. An easy way to find what you're looking for is to use the search bar above, or browse our customer's favorites!

Please feel free to phone us with questions, toll free 877-432-4372. Our friendly staff is knowledgeable and caring, though we are clear that we cannot diagnose or prescribe.

We look forward to serving you.


Pam Slowick

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