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Natural Tick Repellent

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Help keep ticks away with this soothing natural bug spray that your skin and hair will love.This product is handmade individually by Anti-Aging Company so that each bottle has the appropriate proportions of active insect repelling ingredients. We have formulated this product with a specialized blend of organic essential oils, including Himalayan cedarwood oil rose geranium oil, lemongrass oil, lavender oil, rosemary oil, cedar atlas, eucalyptus and more. All of the ingredients in this nice smelling insect repellent are natural, non-toxic, and totally safe, while also being effective. Be sure to spray generously on all clothing, skin and hair, with special attention on your ankles. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Keep out of eyes, and this is not suitable for use on the face. Please test a small patch of skin with this and all products you are trying for the first time, before use. Enjoy this amazing spray for keeping the ticks at bay!

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