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Hessonite Garnet Gem Elixir

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Jyotish Gem Elixirs formulated by Lilli Botchis, M.D.

For consultations call Earth Spectrum Botanicals at 319-400-2293.

Hessonite Garnet
Moon’s North Node (Rahu)
Illuminates the subconscious mind to transform obsessive desires, and addictive tendencies, reduces confusion in the mind field and assists to develop a creative imagination that can be applied constructively. It magnetizes the potential for wealth, fame and success, and instills a strong, centered foundation and self-confidence for rapid and unpredictable change. It increases one’s ability to discern the truth in what appears to be reality, helps build a protective auric field, assists the psyche to be in the now, provides clarity, and builds ambition to fulfill worldly desires.

Chakras and Potential Physical Indicators
Root, sacral generative chakras. Supports and strengthens digestion, immune system and stabilizes the nervous system and mind field, assists with letting go of attachments and need to control, overall it increases grounding and stability while balancing ambitions.


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