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Healthy and well-nourished cells are key to a healthy body. Keep your cells well-fed with quality nutrients from specially formulated cell food from Lumina Health Products with Cell Food.


Cell Food from Lumina Health Products is a proprietary liquid supplement that may help support healthy energy levels, detoxification pathways, and normal pH and oxygen balance.


Cell Food Product Information

  • The world’s no. 1-selling oxygen + nutrient supplement for over 50 years
  • Support healthy energy levels
  • Support detoxification pathways
  • May help to maintain normal pH and oxygen levels


Each day, more and more people are discovering the remarkable benefits of this Cell Food formula – used and trusted in over ninety countries around the world for fifty years.


Cell Food’s unique structure oxygenates and feeds cells in your body. Cell Food naturally provides the highest levels of oxygen and hydrogen to the body, helping 24/7 to support energy, endurance, and overall health.

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