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Organic Cotton Balls 100ct

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  • SOFT, PURE AND CLEAN: Maxim Organic Cotton Balls are made with only 100% cotton, with no added synthetics and absolutely no chemicals or fragrances. When you use our cotton balls, all you get is pure, clean, non-GMO and pesticide-free cotton. Get your glow on, body and soul!
  • ORGANIC AND CHEMICAL-FREE: Would you put chlorine bleach on your face? Or pesticides? Of course not! That’s why we’re committed to never putting them in our products. Your skin faces enough harshness from the world in the form of pollution, exhaust, wind, sun, and dust. Treat your skin to natural softness and see the difference!
  • 100% COTTON, SAFE AND NATURAL: We love organic cotton! Other cotton balls often use cheap, harsh synthetics as filler rather than real cotton. We never use any dyes, chlorine, chemicals, or sneaky wood pulp materials. Our products are simple, safe, and naturally hypoallergenic.
  • LINT-FREE FIBERS: Strongly knit fibers to prevent shredding and resealable closure for safekeeping and storage. Wipe away makeup or nail polish without having to deal with the fussy fuzz left behind with other poorly designed cotton balls.
  • BETTER FOR THE ENVIRONMENT: We know that what’s healthiest for you is also healthiest for the environment. Our policy against chemicals like bleach and chlorine means those chemicals are not used in the manufacturing process, plus they won’t leak from the landfall later. And we love organic, because it means less pesticides in the growing process!

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