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Supercomfort Rescue Detox

Dr. Arenander's

Our Mouth Detox Oil Pulling formula is made with cured organic sesame oil and a blend of Ayurvedic herbs, spices and high quality essential oils. This is an oil pulling mouthwash, intended to be used by swishing with a small amount in the mouth after brushing. This can help to nourish, nurture and strengthen the teeth and gums while also detoxifying the mouth. Some customers use it as a throat aid to comfort during times of healing or when sick.

Detox is for moderate or serious teeth, gums, mouth and throat support. Customer’s report that oil pulling with this formula helps to prevent and reverse gum recession, gum inflammation, gum disease, loose teeth, bleeding gums, abscesses, gum sores, bad breath, gum sensitivity, balances mouth ecology and mouth pH, soothes and comforts throat and vocal cords.


Type: Oral Care

Vendor: Dr. Arenander's

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