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Supercomfort Rescue Oil Massage

Dr. Arenander's

Our SuperComfort Rescue Oil Massage will allow you to take advantage of the best of ancient and modern. According to Ayur Veda, the oldest system of medicine, properly cured sesame oil is an effective way to help detoxify and purify to cure and prevent all gum and teeth problems. The sesame oil also acts as a carrier oil to help transport all our curative ingredients. Often times, our gums are in need of massage to stimulate blood flow. That is why we encourage massaging this oil into all your gum areas.

Good gum health most definitely depends on blood flow. SuperComfort Rescue Massage Oil can be applied with your finger or brush to massage all the areas of your gums to promote gum and teeth health.


Type: Oral Care

Vendor: Dr. Arenander's

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