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Jasmine Frankincense Essential Oil Perfume


The exhilarating, uplifting aroma of Jasmine relieves excess pressures and burdens of the heart, and Jasmine also powerfully dissolves the barriers and restrictions that sabotage intimacy. The otherworldly, ancient aroma of Frankincense, utilized by the Egyptians in their sacred rituals as an offering to the gods, helps the soul to release attachments to material things. Thus, Frankincense is the perfect counterpart to Jasmine. While Jasmine liberates us from emotional agitation, despair and darkness, Frankincense liberates us from mental agitation, over-identification and preoccupations. With the liberating effects of Frankincense added to the euphoria of Jasmine, this perfume enhances a more expanded, cosmic experience of love. The scent becomes less sweet floral and almost sweet woody and astringent. Likewise the effect goes beyond the emotional and sensual benefits of Jasmine, elevated by association with the psychological freedom, spiritual liberation and mental clarity provided by Frankincense.Anytime we humans feel stuck or limited and disconnected from a higher source, we cannot tolerate that situation for long. Romantic love can become burdened with attachments, demands and conditions, taking what began as pure unconditional appreciation and turning it into something restrictive, like being slowly strangled by a python. On the other hand, when both people in a relationship allow the other to grow, expand and connect with their spiritual source, then even the daily routines and boundaries of life do not constrict and overshadow the thriving and growing experience of love. Perhaps this is why some married couples report being as in love after 50 years as they were during their honeymoon

Collections: Essential Oils

Type: Essential Oil

Vendor: Amrita

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