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Roll-On Mental Energizer


Mental Energizer RollOn Relief Natural Energy Booster Including Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils Organic Lotion Base SIZE: 30ML AMRITA Aromatherapy Designed to clear mental cobwebs and Increase alertnessFormulated to deliver FAST RELIEF wherever you may bePrecious and therapeutically potent essential oils includedEasy to apply no dilution necessaryNo synthetic ingredients Contains Over 60 Applications
When 4 o'clock rolls around and finds you in a daze, Mental Energizer Roll-On Relief wakes up your brain with some powerful essential oils-Peppermint and Ginger-which snap you out of the fog. The blend also gives you a boost of refreshment from Lemon and Lime essential oils, which stimulate brain functioning

Collections: Essential Oils

Type: Essential Oil

Vendor: Amrita

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