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BosMed 500 Mg 60SG

Terry Naturally

  • THE MOST ADVANCED BOSWELLIA ON THE MARKET TODAY - BosMed 500 uses a clinically-studied, uniquely standardized form of boswellia that can support your health in ways many other forms cannot. It is known to support a healthy inflammation response.
  • CLINICALLY STUDIED BOSWELLIA - BosMed 500 uses BOS-10 (BosPure) boswellia, an advanced form of boswellia that has been clinically shown to provide results.
  • MORE OF WHAT YOU NEED, LESS OF WHAT YOU DON'T - The boswellia in BosMed 500 contains up to 10 times more of the powerful compound AKBA (acetyl-11-keto-B-boswellic acid) and less beta-boswellic acid that can interfere with boswellia’s benefits.
  • ANCIENT WISDOM, MODERN SCIENCE - Boswellia has been a vital component of Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years. It supports pathways in the body untouched by other compounds. Modern science has proven the effectiveness of this extract.


Type: Herbal Supplement

Vendor: Terry Naturally

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