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Diamond Gem Elixir

Earth Spectrum Botanicals

Jyotish Gem Elixirs formulated by Lilli Botchis, M.D.

For consultations call Earth Spectrum Botanicals at 319-400-2293.

Venus (Shukra)
Creates a charismatic auric field, increases artistic abilities and deepens the feeling level of appreciation and beauty, fuses spirit into matter, leads the individual to move physically through life with grace, ease, coordination and fluidity, enhances the sensual nature of the soul, restores freedom to express oneself in a refined style of attraction, teaches the distinction of love, and lust, increases ones ability to attraction wealth, beauty, comforts, relationships, cultures feeling of passion and devotion, has a unifying effect with the positive/negative electro-magnetic polarity currents, opens and cleanses the third eye, enhances clear vision and insight, strengthens the energetic matrix of the human light body, amplifies and broadcasts energies of the heart and third eye chakras. Clarifies vision, strengthens cognitive brain functions, promotes natural adjustments to occur within the cranial field, increases dexterity, creates a purifying influence on mind/body coordination, increases endocrine energy uptake and processing efficiency, increases whole brain functioning while it balances and strengthens the flow of energy to the eyes, promotes greater strength and harmony of the kidneys and reproductive system.

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