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E-Power Water Ionizer


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Why pay 3X more for a Kangen when the E-Power does the same thing? We tested side by side!

Alkaline, anti-oxidant water is the product of water ionization. There are three important characteristics of ionized water that promote health: 1. Antioxidant Properties 2. Alkalizing Properties 3. Smaller Water Molecules.

The E-Power provides all of these functions plus the process of water purification with a carbon fiber and the newest carbon filter technology.

World Class Carbon Fiber Filtration that is certified by NSF

Produces Strong Alkaline and Acidic Water with Everything in Between

Large 900cm2 Platinum/Titanium Electrodes

SMPS Power Supply with Up to 200 Watts of Power

User-friendly Control Panel with Color LCD Display

Electronic Contant Control of pH/ORP with High Water Flow Rate

Automatic Self-cleaning and DIY Cleaning Cartridge

1 year Warranty *

World-Class Carbon Fiber Water Filtration that is NSF and SGS Certified : E-Power offers Carbon Fiber water filtration - the most advanced form of carbon filtration available. Currently, most other water ionizers use only granular or powdered activated carbon in their filters. Activated carbon fiber (ACF) surpasses these dated technologies due to its advanced properties:

The surface area is extremely large ranging from 1,000 to 2,500m2/g compared to a surface area of activated granular carbon of 500 to 1,000m2/g.
It is characterized by a micro pore structure with an extremely small diameter of 0.5-10nm.
These properties result in a very high rate of adsorption that effectively adsorbs and eradicates a broad stratum of various contaminants. The capacity for adsorption is two to four times greater or more than conventional granular activated carbon. The speed of adsorption is also extremely high, ranging from 10 to 100 times that of conventional granular activated carbon!

Carbon fiber, with its significantly greater adsorption properties, results in a filter life of approximately 3,000 gallons – a year’s worth of use. This is two to three times the lifespan of other filters which only advertise 1,000 gallowns of use. So, not only does the advanced E-Power filtration provide you with greater filtering power, it will save you at least 50% a year on filter replacements costs!

E-Power has a total of seven stages in its filter, all of which have a key purpose. For instance, the calcium beads help to filter out heavy metals including flouride. The carbon fiber, along with these additional stages ensures, that you have the most advance filtration in your ionizer which results in pure, healthy water for your drinking!

E-Power’s massive 900cm2 electrolysis cell is double the size of most domestic ionizers: Size does matter when it comes to ionization and the 900cm2 of total surface area enables the 9000 to ionize more strongly, at higher flow rates and for longer periods of time. This leading feature alone puts the E-POWER ahead of almost every other machine on the market.

Most companies do not advertise the surface area of their ionizer electrodes - they normally just state the number of electrodes. The number of electrodes is not the number you need to know. It is the electrode surface area.

The reason other ionizer manufacturers use electrodes with surface areas ranging between 200cm2 and 600cm2 is simple. Electrode materials are platinum and titanium, which are extremely expensive metals. Providing smaller electrodes enables a manufacturer to produce a machine for less money and increase their profits without providing additional value.

One last point about the electrolysis cell. Some ionizing companies claim that mesh cells are superior to flat cells. This is debatable. What mesh definitely does is decrease the cost of the electrodes since it requires less platinum and titanium to create. Why? A mesh is basically a flat material with holes in it. In most cases, a mesh cell with the same dimensions as a flat cell will actually have a smaller surface area due to the holes in the mesh.

What guarantees the amount of water that comes into contact with the cell is its SURFACE AREA. Surface area is one of the key measures for how effectively the water can be ionized. Whether the cell is mesh or flat is irrelevant. If a manufacturer cannot tell you their surface area, it is usually because they do not have a good story to tell about its size.

E-Power Uses an Advanced SMPS Electrical System with 200 watts of power: This technology replaces the old-style transformers that most ionizers still use. SMPS is a switching solution which is extremely power efficient and far quieter than a transformer. It is one of the reasons that the E-Power can run continuously for up to 4 hours whereas ionizers with transformers generally can only run for 15 minutes at a time.

The E-Power 9000 has a variable 100w to 200w power supply. The SMPS system in the 9000 can adjust power to the electrodes depending on the rate of water flow and the quality of the water. The 200 watts of power enable strong electrolysis and ensures that the 9000 can ionize water with a high water flow rate and ionize very soft water. Only the highest quality ionizers have 200 watts or more of power.

Produces Strong Alkaline and Acidic Water with Everything in Between: This is why you want a quality water ionizer - to produce the water that will provide the health promoting effects you are seeking. The E-Power 9000 with it's large 900 cm2 electrode surface area and its powerful SMPS power supply and can create both strong alkaline water with a pH11 or more (depending on water supply) with an Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) of up to -800mv. It can also produce strong acidic water, or Super-oxide water, with a pH as low as pH1.7 (results very depending on water supply). This is accomplished by adding an electrolyte such as salt in the mineral port. In addition to these extremes, it has pre-programmed selections on the control panel that enable you to easily select alkaline and acidic levels that are in between these ranges. Whatever your needs, the 9000 can easily satisfy them.

Color LCD Display and User-friendly Control Panel: E-Power created the world’s first color LCD display that changes color according to the pH setting. If you are familiar with pH testing you know that most methods test using paper or a solution and produce a color result. From red (acidic) to a dark blue to purple (alkaline), the E-POWER changes its color, so you know at a glance what pH is being produced. Conveniently, red, commonly associated with danger, is the color for highly acidic water. This way you'll never have an accident and drink something unintended. In addition to color, the machine provides an audible alert when producing acidic water.

The control panel in the 9000 has 7 pre-programmed settings for different levels of alkalininty and acidity. To learn more about this user-friendly feature, please go to "How the E-Power 9000 Works" and see how easy it is to produce alkaline and acidic water.

Electronic Constant Control of pH/ORP: Electronic Constant Control ensures your pH and ORP levels remain the same even if your water is hard or soft, of if you are increasing or decreasing the flow of water through your machine. The 9000 accomplishes this by monitoring the degree of ionization in relation to the pH level that has been selected and ensuring that the output stays consistent with the level selected. By increasing power to the electrodes, E-Power will maintain a constant pH and ORP at up to one gallon per minute. The E-Power 9000 is the only ionizer that offers this important electronic feature.

Some machines offer constant control by restricting the flow of water through the system to about 1/2 gallon per minute. This is more of a restriction than a control. Just imagine filling a gallon container with ionized water to bring to work. At a rate of 1/2 gallon per minute, You will be waiting at least 2 minutes to fill your container! Your 9000 will never keep you waiting and will provide you with good, consistent output with Constant Control!

Automatic Self-cleaning: All ionizers need to operate a cleaning cycle. This is due to the unavoidable mineral build up on the electrodes. Cleaning is performed by reversing the polarity of the power supplied to the electrodes so that minerals of the opposite electrical charge move over the plates causing them to de-scale. The E-POWER Ionizer initiates an automatic cleaning cycle only once every 12 hours. You'll find most other systems either perform their cleaning cycle immediately before or after the machine is operated. We believe twice a day is sufficient and it ensures that cleaning does not become a nuisance. Some manufacturers advertise that their machine performs cleaning at the same time it is generating drinking water. However, we believe that unless acidic water moves through all channels of the ionizer normally carrying alkaline water, those parts will suffer scaling.

Do It Yourself (DIY) Electrode Cleaning: A DIY cleaning cartridge is available to ensure optimal performance of your E-Power 9000 year-after-year. Even with the automatic self-clean mechanism, ionizers will succumb to mineral buildup over time and performance will diminish. Even the most expensive household ionizer at $3,900 recognizes this and correctly offers a DIY self-cleaning cartridge. Ensure that the ionizer you purchase offers a cartridge that will perform a throrough cleaning, like the E-Power DIY self-cleaning cartridge.

It is highly recommended that this cartridge is used for an annual cleaning of the electrodes which will guarantee that your 9000 is always operating at full capacity.

E-Power offers a servicable, non-sealed Electrolysis Chamber with their patented electrode cartridge: Even with self-cleaning systems, every ionizer in the world suffers the build up of minerals on the electrodes, decreasing its performance. If an ionizer has a sealed cell, you can do nothing about this other than dispose of your machine after the warranty expires or pay a very high cost for repair. Because E-Power insists on a lifetime of constant performance, we have the facilities to refurbish electrodes. The lifespan of the E-Power 9000 electrode is rated at approximately 4,000 hours of use. This will provide many years of effective service.

Most ionizers have a filter life of approximately 1,000 gallons and require filters to be changed in 9 to 6 months or sooner. E-Power, with its filter life of 3,000 gallons, will last a full year. So, the total cost for the E-Power filter and DIY cartridge is no more, and possibly less, than the annual cost of filters for other ionizers. The DIY cartridge just ensures that your ionizer is operating at peak potential and is delivering the health enhancing properties that you are expecting!

Additional Features:

Ability to individualize programmed output in increments of 0.1 pH which provides over 60 output levels
Mineral Port for Making Strong Acidic Water:
Automatic Shutoff in the event that hot water is accidentally turned on.
Audible beeping when pH4.0 is being produced or when self-cleaning is occurring.
Programmable Power Settings - a unique feature of the 9000 that enables the user to calibrate the output of the machine to adjust to possibly very unique pH levels in the municipal water. For instance, some municipalities have water with a pH9.0 or more. The 9000 will enable you to increase the power for acidic water processing to ensure you can achieve low acidic levels while reducing the power for alkaline settings to ensure that the alkaline water produced is within the range for drinking.


Type: Water Filter

Vendor: E-Power

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