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Allertonic 60 SG

Herbs ETC

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Use this product if you want to: Ensures Healthy Respiratory and Digestive Function Promotes a healthy inflammatory response Supports sinus and nasal health Delivers maximum comfort of skin, respiratory, and digestive tissues Get a safe and effective herbal and nutritional solution How it benefits you: Convenient and complete—all the botanicals, vitamins, and nutrients you need in one box Contains FRESH (never dried) herbal extracts and critical nutrients essential to support respiratory passages, eyes, digestive system, and skin Ensures healthy secretions of sinuses, nose, eyes, throat, lungs and digestive linings Supports adrenal gland function and enhances its secretion of cortisol, a key hormone that ensures a healthy inflammatory response Used proactively, it enhances respiratory and digestive immune function


Type: Herbal Supplements

Vendor: Herbs ETC

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