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Bliss Bath/Body Oil 4oz

Helena Meyer

Our clients love our Bliss products and they rave about them. Many clients testify that emotions lighten, and, at times, even depression lifts.
We invite you to soothe your heart, uplift your spirit, feel ease, comfort, and happiness in a short time just by applying the Bliss Body Cream, bathing in Bliss Oil or applying the Bliss Foot cream.
Bliss Skin Care- Body Cream
We invite you to treat yourself after a long tiring day and feel renewed and uplifted. Take a bath with just a tablespoon of our Bliss Bath & Body Oil and feel the fatigue and tension melt, your emotions lighten and spirit soar. However, for the ultimate luxury, take your Bliss Body Oil to your massage therapist and experience the heights of joy and relaxation. Then, observe your therapist how energized and uplifted she looks

Collections: Personal Care

Type: Skin Care

Vendor: Helena Meyer

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