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Blueberry Day Moisturizer 1 oz

Helena Meyer

The Blueberry Line is infused with powerful antioxidants including the bioflavonoid anthocyanin, and vitamins E, A and C. These are key agents for stimulating the skin cells’ own toxin-removal process. Toxins cause aging. When toxins are not present, the cell can regenerate more quickly. This is the key to younger and healthier skin. The skin needs pure, organic nutrients for its health and youthfulness just as the body does.

Due to the many therapeutic effects of the blueberries and other herbs in our synergy, these wonderful products are excellent for most skin conditions, like sensitive skin, rosacea, aging skin, blemished and of course, normal skin.

Blueberry Skin Care:  Day Moisturizer

Fresh blueberries and schizandra berries are a little-known 5,000 year-old secret for smoothing aging skin. Rich in the antioxidant anthocyanin, this day moisturizer is an essential anti-aging treatment for hydrating the skin to keep it moist and youthful.  

Collections: Personal Care

Type: Skin Care

Vendor: Helena Meyer

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