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Calendula Cleanser 2 oz

Helena Meyer

The miracle of Calendula:

Growing up in Austria in naturopathic family, calendula was one of the main herbs my grandmother applied on my wounds, rashes and for daily care of my young skin. The miracle of calendula and other herbs in our formulations balances and soothes sensitive, irritated and inflamed skin. Its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties promote healing of wounds and blemishes. The golden color of the calendula flower gives the creams a sun-drenched color, and the aroma of sweet orange is gently uplifting.

All of the Calendula products are excellent for all ages and all skin types, but anyone with sensitive or inflamed skin will especially appreciate their soothing and healing properties. Young people love our Calendula products because they are gentle and light and uplifting!

Collections: Personal Care

Type: Skin Care

Vendor: Helena Meyer

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