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Pearl Gem Elixir

Earth Spectrum Botanicals

Jyotish Gem Elixirs formulated by Lilli Botchis, M.D.

For consultations call Earth Spectrum Botanicals at 319-400-2293.

Moon (Chandra)
Clears emotional attachments and associated mental stress, and anxiety, reveals the inner constructs of the psyche, enhances lucid dreaming and recall, potentiates conscious awareness of creating reality from within, fosters qualities of receptivity, soft sensitivity, love, nurturing, sensuality, grace, creativity, intuition, calms and pacifies the excitability of the emotional/mental body reducing stress and allows for a state of peace to enter one’s field, enhances harmonic resonance with the feminine energy force within and the outer mother principle. Chakras and Potential Physical Indicators - Sacral generative, solar plexus and heart chakras Supports/balances – assimilation of nutrients, enhances fertility and procreative energies, reduces excess heat in heart and brain.

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