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Super Deluxe Inversion Therapy Massage Chair

Infinite Therapeutics

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11 Therapeutic Programs
Far Infrared Heat Inversion Therapy Deluxe Massage Chair Lumbar Decompression

• Zero Gravity Inversion Therapy

• Full Range Massage Lumbar & V Stretch

• Rocking / Yoga • Reflexology

We have searched over 8 years for the perfect massage chair and the Infinite Therapeutic is the best we have found.

UNIQUE functions
(1) 3 programmed different recline angles of Deep recline, Medium recline with rocking and Deep recline with rocking, the deepest recline can reach to 190 degree
(2) LCD remote controller with friendly touch panel
(3) Ultra quiet design
(4) Electric reclining on backrest/footrest for preferred position
BACK functions
(5) Ultra quiet and high-torque massage mechanism with 4 comfortable massage wheels offers silent and slow massage, just like a human work.
(6) 6 Auto massage programs:Full body / Area / Fixed Point / Neck / Upper back / Lower back
(7) 5 Relax preprogrammed massage
(8) Back massage function:Kneading/Tapping/Rolling
(9) Combine Kneading-Tapping-Rolling work at the same time
(10) 3-width & 6-speed adjustment
(11) Far Infrared back warmer
ARMREST function
(12) Three cyclical vibration
* SEAT functions
(13) Three cyclical vibration
(14) Seat can be rotated to different preferable angle
FOOT/LEGS functions
(15) Foot Kneading / Rolling & Swing / Rolling with 3-speed massage

(1) Zero-G design with most weight-relief pose, which is the same pose as the astronaut lying in the shuttle for taking off to the outer space
(2) The zero gravity releases pressure on the spine, stress on the heat, and strain on the muscles. By having the legs above the heart, this decompresses the spine so that the nutrients will flow throughout, to help heal congested and/or damaged areas
(3) Patented Zero-Gravity and foot mechanism design


Type: Massage Chair

Vendor: Infinite Therapeutics

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